Lake Eddins Owner's Association, Inc.

27 Lake Eddins 1638 Pachuta, MS. 39347


A quiet, private, lakeside community with friendly neighbors!

LEOA office hours:  8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mon-Fri.

Telephone:  601-727-3535

Fax:  601-727-3536

Email:  leoa@bayspringstel.net  

Jasper County Sheriff:  601-764-2588

Lake Manager:
Phil Fuller:  601-604-1412

Lake Eddins Security:  601-410-3033

First Responders:
Oliver Joyner:  601-917-2781
Randle McCraw:  601-513-3040
Robert Buckalew:  601-323-7918
Cathy Hennington:  601-297-7805
Dina McCarty:  601-692-8346

Local Utilities:
TEC Telephone Co:  601-764-2121
Southern Pine Electric:  601-785-6511


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Anchor Club News:     

All Anchor Club activities have been canceled until further notice.

Lake Eddins Volunteer Fire Department News:

LEVFD meets the second and fourth Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. of each month.  Come to a meeting, meet our volunteers, and see if you would be interested in becoming a member of the LEVFD.
2017 Officers:  
Fire Chief:  Levis Quave
Assistant Fire Chief:  Neal Dulaney
Secretary/Treasurer:  Charles Burrier

Lake Eddins t-shirts, hats, tags and stickers are available at the Lake office.  T-shirts are $15.00, hats are $10.00, tags are $10.00 and stickers are $4.00.  (Proceeds benefit the Lake Eddins Volunteer Fire Department) 


Registration forms are at the LEOA Office or click here to get your registration form.  
If you have any questions, please call
Levis Quave, Fire Chief, at 601-928-8702.

Notices & Announcements


If you have a structure on your property you are required to obtain a 911 address.  Please post your 911 address next to the road, so emergency personnel can find you in the event of an emergency.  The green plates to put your numbers on are available at the Fire Dept.  Contact Levis Quave at 601-928-8702.

Effective September 01, 2015, LEOA employees will no longer be allowed to open the main access gate except in emergency situations.

Click here for phone numbers for personnel should maintenance problems or gate malfunctions occur during or after business hours.

When entering or exiting the lake at the main gate, please allow the gate to open and close completely.  If a card is swiped before gate has closed fully it can cause the gate to malfunction.  When this occurs the gate can remain open or not operate at all.  This causes a breach in security and at times money for repairs. Thank you for your cooperation.

Phil Fuller, Lake Manager


Beginning October 01, 2014, your water bill will not be mailed to you if you have a credit balance or a zero balance.

The next LEOA monthly Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 2nd at 5:30 p.m. in the Board Room behind the office. If you wish to address the Board, you must sign up three (3) days prior to meeting.


(As of 04/05/16)


CRAPPIE (WHITE PERCH):  35 per person per day

BREAM:  Limit 15 per person per day

CATFISH:  No limit - Keep all caught

GAR:  Take out all caught


Building permits are required for any new construction, also any exterior modification of existing buildings.  A permit is also required for piers, seawalls, fences, signs and certain types of lot landscaping.  Please contact a member of the Architectural Review Committee for further information.

LAKE RULE CONCERNING PETS:  ALL pets are to be kept on the owner's property or under the control of the owner at all times.  Barking or loose dogs will be considered a nuisance and can result in penalties for the LEOA Member.  Your neighbor does not want your pets on their property.

Only bagged household garbage is to be placed into the dumpsters.  Please be sure it gets "INTO" the dumpster. Your cooperation is needed.

Please keep a current mailing address, email address and phone number at the Lake Office. If your mailing address, email address or phone number changes, and we aren't notified, we cannot get in touch with you.